Education is the only way to empower women in India

Women empowerment is an issue that has been prevalent in the society since decades. There are feminist groups which are constantly fighting for equal rights of women, women’s safety and most importantly, education for women.
Education forms a key element of women empowerment, especially for the socially and economically backward section of the society where it plays an extremely important role in eradicating poverty, domestic violence and mitigating gender discrimination.

Having said that, I won’t opine that it is important only for the economically backward section of the society, it is equally important for women belonging to a well-to-do section of the society. After all, no amount of money can replace the worth of the knowledge that you possess.
educated women in India

A well-educated woman has an edge over her uneducated counterparts and that makes her stronger. Following points will highlight in detail, the importance of education for women empowerment –
It increases awareness

Education enhances your knowledge, which thereby leads to more awareness. A woman who is aware of her rights can fight for them as compared to the one who is totally aloof. Moreover, through the knowledge garnered via education, she can wisely make her career choices. A minimal level of education can make her aware of different career avenues open for her which can eventually make her more versatile and free
It gives financial independence.

Being financially sound provides you with the confidence to shoulder yours and your family’s responsibility with ease. Education opens up the number of career prospects for a person which thereby provides financial independence. A woman who is financially independent can take decisions for herself with a lot more courage, as compared to someone who is not. At the same time, she does not have to rely on her parents or spouse to fulfill her wishes as she is financially capable of doing it on her own
It helps a woman to pass on knowledge to future generations

If a woman is dependent on her spouse even for the smallest of the decisions related to her children’s upbringing and education then she is bound to feel weak. On the other hand, an educated woman feels more self-assured and empowered while taking decisions about her children. She can pass on her knowledge to her children and make herself as a role model for them
It endows her with an ability to form a wise opinion

Education provides a person an ability to make his/her own opinions and be less influenced by others’. If a woman is educated and aware of the happenings around then she can comfortably make her own opinion. She can differentiate between right and wrong, based on her own judgment about people and situations, as well as firmly hold her opinions without being affected much by external factors.
She can be a part of important family decisions

An educated woman can become an integral a part of important family decisions such as financial and investment matters, decisions related to buying a house and other valuable assets for the family. This is so because she has the capability to analyze different scenarios based on various parameters, which is the result of her education. An uneducated woman is less capable of contributing towards important family matters and mostly her opinion doesn’t matter much in the eyes of her family when it comes to taking such decisions. Therefore, it is important for a woman to be well educated, to significantly influence key family matters
Education plays a huge role in making a woman stronger. It is a means to make her capable of fighting for her rights and acts as a tool to empower her.
“A well-educated and well-read woman is way more assertive about her viewpoints and commands respect from the society”

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